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Mission Ridge, WA

Open to all PNW U14’s – Day Camp Model

Clubs with attending athletes will provide coaches to help with the project.  Athletes coming without a home coach will receive coaching.

This is a progression-oriented camp.  No late arrivals will be allowed.


♦Registration:  All attending Athletes must fill out the registration form.


⇒Camp Cost:  There is no camp attendance fee.  Each attendee is responsible for daily lift ticket purchase, lodging, food and transportation costs.


⇒PNW Liability Release Form:  Attending athletes must fill out the ♦PNW Medical Release and ♦PSIA-NW Release.  Email a copy of the forms to   If you have a PNW Elite Pass you do not need to fill out the forms.


MRST Liability Release Form:  Please email to

Lift Tickets:

Lift Tickets MUST be purchased online in advance ♦HERE
Mission Ridge has a new ticketing system, and the purchase process has changed from previous seasons. Here are the steps:
1. Before Feb. 22: go to above link and purchase your ticket. You will create an account, upload a photo and sign the online waiver. This will include the purchase of an RFID card that can be re-loaded for future tickets (not just this season). Replacement cards are $5. We do not recommend trying to purchase online tickets in the parking lot as reception is not reliable. Tickets purchased at the ticket window will dramatically increase wait times – please pre-purchase.
2. On Feb. 22 go to the ticket window and pick up your pre-paid pass. Do not discard it – this ticket/card will work for future visits.

Elite Pass Honored:

PNW Elite Passes will be honored. You must create an account and upload your Elite pass prior to the day of the race for your pass to scan good at the lift. Waiting to show the pass at the window will slow the process down. Create an account and upload your Elite pass ♦HERE:


Thanks to the Pacific Northwest Ski Education Foundation for the Grant to under write the major costs of this camp.



Athletes will meet with coaches each morning in the base area of Mission Ridge.  They will be assigned to groups and given the plan for the day.   Training venue is Skookum.


Tues. Feb. 21 – 7pm Coach Meeting via  Zoom – link to come
Wed. Feb. 22 – 9am – 3pm
Thur. Feb. 23 – 9am – 3pm
Fri. Feb. 24 – 9am – 1pm