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Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) is a premier alpine ski racing program in the Pacific Northwest. Our home area is the Summit at Snoqualmie. TAS offers the highest level of physical conditioning, race training, and professional staff to help aspiring athletes achieve their alpine racing potential. TAS provides opportunities for athletes to develop racing skills alongside life skills, both of which are fundamental to the growth of a well-rounded, maturing athlete.

Board of Directors
President – Robert Rosen Director –
Vice President – Director – Tracey Seslen
Vice President – Tom Miller Director – David S
Treasurer – Boaz Levi Director – Ty Ueland
Secretary – Courtney Stanton

Since 1971, TAS has provided an outstanding level of coaching, skiing, and training resulting in exceptional success from our athletes. The Intro Program offers young skiers a fun and relaxed opportunity to learn about ski racing and competition and to enhance their abilities while learning race fundamentals. Our U12 program offers a dedicated junior ski racing program for 8-11-year-olds ready to pursue the sport.  The TAS U14 Team is one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.  Our U16 – FIS ski racing program allows serious and dedicated athletes to pursue their ski racing ambitions. Outstanding results include National Junior Champions: Vanessa Berther and Anna Mounsey and Debbie Armstrongs’ Olympic Gold in the GS at Sarajevo in 1984.


  • Athlete Safety: Provide a safe environment for training, racing, and recreational skiing
  • Fun: Foster a lifelong love for the sport
  • Preparation: Encourage strong work ethic and skill development
  • Performance: Emphasize athlete performance, not results
  • Teamwork: Instill sportsmanship and integrity
  • Responsibility: Promote citizenship on and off the hill
  • Active Lifestyles: Nurture the development of the athlete’s body and mind


In 1971, a group of interested parents and racers established the Alpental Ski Foundation and the Alpental Ski Club. The Foundation was established as a non-profit organization to promote junior ski racing. The ski racers called themselves “Team Alpental” and were supported by the Foundation.

The Alpental and Snoqualmie junior race programs merged in 1984, resulting in the incorporation of the Alpental-Snoqualmie Ski Foundation, which fields the Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) ski racing team. The foundation’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws charge it with providing the administration, promotion, and education of ski racers.

A Committed Organization

The Alpental-Snoqualmie Ski Foundation is a non-profit (501c3), educational ski racing organization dedicated to helping racers achieve their racing potential. The Foundation is funded only by tuition, fundraisers, and donations.

The Foundation officers and board members are elected parents who have shown an active interest and a willingness to participate in their child’s racing activities. They voluntarily assist in specific program areas as needed by the program director and coaches, as well as plan fund-raising activities. The support of these activities is vital to the health of the program.

All parents of team members are encouraged to take part in team activities (e.g. races, meetings, fundraisers). This year’s activities include competitive ski races, a fundraising auction, parent/racer meetings, and an annual team dinner.

Partners in Winter Recreation

This program provides employment, services, and privileges regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age or national origin.