Racer Days 2018

It is always a good idea to check with a coach before you buy.

We recommend that everyone has a ski racing helmet and ski racing boots. U14 and older we recommend arm guards and back protectors. Also, chin bar and shin guards are recommended for SL.

U10 and down: Skier age 6-9. We recommend an SL race ski or all MT ski. No twin tips or powder skis.

Skier Height All MT or SL Ski Length
4’ or smaller 120 cm
4’ 4” 125 cm
4’7” 130 cm
4’ 8” 135 cm
4’10” 140 cm
5’ or taller 150 cm
More aggressive skier Add 5-10 cm
Less aggressive Skier Subtract 5 cm

We recommend an SL ski over a GS ski until you are a U14 then you should have both SL and GS skis. U14’s can use GS skis for SG.

SL and GS ski to athlete height general guidelines are Slalom skis: chin to forehead height. GS Skis: over the head.

Skier Height SL GS
4’6” 130 cm 155 cm
4’8” 135 cm 160 cm
4’10” 140 cm 165 cm
5’ 145cm 170 cm
5’2” 150 cm 175 cm
5’4” 155 cm 180-185 cm
5’6” 155 cm 185-195 cm
5’8” 155 cm 190-200 cm

FIS and USSA have equipment regulations, links are here. FIS USSA


You should be able to flex the ankle with the boot fully buckled. Boots will always be softer in the shop than on the snow. You can move up or down the flex index depending on your mobility and strength. We recommend working with a professional boot fitter to get the best fit and flex. This guide is general and may not work for all athletes. Removing and adding pins to the back of boots can adjust the flex. Not all flex indexes’ are equal across brands.

Skier Waight Boot Flex
50lb 50 or less
60lb 50
75lb 60
85lb 65
100lb 70
115lb 80
125lb 90
150lb 110

If you need further assistance or have other equipment questions please contact Chris.