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  1. Medical Insurance and Identification Card
  2. Ski Boots
  3. Sunscreen 50+ SPF
  4. Slalom Skis, Poles, and Guards
  5. Giant Slalom Skis, Poles, and Arm Guards
  6. Helmet, FIS Approved
  7. Googles with Dark Lenses
  8. Sun Glasses (UV rated)
  9. Racing Gloves with Pads, 2 Pairs are Recommended
  10. Ski Clothing; Bring Winter Pants and a Jacket; Weather hanges rapidly, so layers are key and a backpack to organize them is needed.
  11. Backpack; Bring this on the hill with extra water, clothing, and food.
  12. Waterbottle
  13. Food; Snacks are provided but athletes need to pack them.
  14. Tuning Equipment and Wax
  15. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  16. Two Towels
  17. Dryland Clothes
  18. Running Shoes Two Pairs
  19. Bathing Suit and/or Swim Shorts
  20. Mountain Bike, Helmets, Shoes, Pads, Spare Tire Tubes, and Tools; Please make sure you get a full bike tune-up before camp.
  21. Pillow and Sleeping Bag
  22. Speed Suit