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  1. Medical insurance and identification card
  2. Face covering for lodge and lift lines
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Ski boots
  5. Sunscreen 50+ SPF
  6. Slalom skis, poles, and guards
  7. Giant Slalom skis, poles, and arm guards
  8. Helmet, FIS approved
  9. Googles with dark lenses
  10. Racing gloves with pads, 2 pairs recommended
  11. Ski clothing, bring winter pants and jacket; weather changes rapidly, layers are key and a backpack to organize them is needed
  12. Backpack – bring this on the hill with extra water, clothing, and food.
  13. Waterbottle
  14. Food – snacks
  15. Tuning equipment and wax
  16. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  17. Two towels
  18. Dryland clothes, shorts & shoes
  19. Bathing suit and/or swim shorts
  20. Mountain Bike
  21. Pillow and sleeping bag
  22. Speed suit