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*** Update Dec. 26th 2023***

We will postpone Webb Moffett to a later date due to conditions. 


December 28th, 29th, & 30th


Current U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine competition license is required for all racers

A helmet that meets U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Ski Racing Regulations Required

West Summit at Snoqualmie

Limited to 100 Competitors per gender per race

$58 per race. Late Fee $50 after Dec. 24th

Registration closes on December 26th, 2023

No day of registration. Online-only registration

Volunteers Needed – Sign Up Here.

Webb Moffett RACE NOTICE Ladies’/Men’s GS / SL
LOCATION: Summit at Snoqualmie (Alpental) at Snoqualmie Pass, WA HOST: Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS)
EVENT: Team Alpental Snoqualmie is happy to announce the Webb Moffett Race. GS and SL races will be held at Summit West at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State.

Thursday 28th  December 2023 LADIES’ AND MEN’S 1GS – $58

Friday 29th  December 2023 LADIES’ AND MEN’S 1GS – $58

Saturday 30th  December 2023 LADIES’ AND MEN’S 2SL – $58

• Entry Deadline Dec. 24th  – No day-of registration taken • (West) Summit at Snoqualmie, Check in at the Finish Shack on the hill at West, under the PC lift.

SANCTION: U. S. Ski and Snowboard Scored | ELIGIBILITY: U14+ | All U. S. Ski and Snowboard rules will be in effect—no line cutting. No hitting. No swearing.
ENTRY PROCEDURE: • Register for the race below
• Sign Waiver: must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, unless over the age of 18. Waiver can be found on the bottom middle of the event registration page where it says, “Webb Moffett Waiver +”
ENTRY DEADLINE: • Entry Deadline is Dec. 24th. Late entry $50. No day-of registration taken.
REGISTRATION: • Registration is open until December. 26th • Entry fee is $58 per race
• $50 late fee • Late entry contact Dana 
LIFT TICKETS: • Racer lift tickets for the race days are available for $60-90 per day. Elite passes will be honored at the ticket window. No line cutting.
TEAM CAPTAINS’ MEETING: • Team Captains Meeting is the night before each race at 7:00 PM via Zoom


DSQ and other important race info: Discord

DAY OF RACE *subject to change*
 7:30 to 8:45 AM Bib pick-up at the finish shack on the hill at West. Jury Load 7:30 AM
• 8:30 AM Load Lift (PC Chair)
• 8:30 AM Course Open for Inspection
• 9:30 First Run – Ladies’
• Following the Ladies’ First run. First Run – Men’s
• 10:00 Course Open for Second Run Inspection – Ladies’ & Men’s
• 10:30  Second Run – Ladies’
• Following the Ladies’ Second run.  Second Run – Men’s
• 11:00 Course Open for Inspection
• 11:30 PM First Run – Ladies’
• Following the Ladies’ First run. First Run – Men’s
• 12:noon Course Open for Second Run Inspection – Ladies’ & Men’s
• 12:30 Second Run – Ladies’
• Following the Ladies’ Second Run.  Second Run – Men’s
Third & Fourth
1:00  M & W SL race open for inspection
1:30 M & W SL race first run M follow W
2:00 Course Open for Inspection
2:30 M & W Second Run M follow W
3:00 Couse open for Inspection
3:30 Second Race First Run M follow W
4:00 Second Run Second Race M follow W
ACCOMMODATIONS: Snoqualmie Hotel (North Bend) (425) 363-3888

PARKING: • Parking is available


ROC: Head Gate Keeper: M B Miller 206.595.9919
Chief of Race: Chris Loewy 425.985.6875
Race Administrator: Dana Kusakabe 206.591.4039
Start/Finish Ref: Patrick Stanton/Darren Postforoosh
Technical Delegate: Steve Maynard


At the Summit at Snoqualmie Summit West on the Pacific Crest Race Lane (under the Pacific Crest lift) Check-in at the finish shack

Bib Pick Up

Team Captains or independent athletes can pick bibs up from the finish shack.

Athletes will need to keep bibs all day, must be returned to the bin at the bottom after the last race.

Lost bib fee $100

Individual entry is online only – no faxed/mailed individual entries are accepted.

TAS Webb Moffett Race-Event Medical Plan

Webb Moffett Safety Plan

DSQ and other important race info: Discord “Webb Moffett”

Results & live timing:

Volunteer registration:

Volunteer Waiver:

WA DOT road conditions:

Not eligible until waiver “Webb Moffett Waiver +” is signed and filed.

Sign the Waiver Here:

Summit at Snoqualmie PARTICIPANT WAIVER URL –

Register Here:



All U.S. Ski & Snowboard competition organizers and competitors are expected to abide by the SafeSport Code, and the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies, to provide a safe environment in which athletes can train and compete, free from abuse and inappropriate behavior. More information on U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Safe Sport policy, including information on reporting, can be found at