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Section C – Complete this section only if applying for a Financial Scholarship

Financial Grants are based on need and are awarded to deserving athletes who may be limited in their ability to fully participate in the sport due to their family’s financial situation.

TAS and the Scholarship Committee recognize the personal and sensitive nature of a family’s financial information. All financial information will be held in the strictest confidence and limited only to members of the Scholarship Committee. Additionally no presented documents will be copied or retained by the Scholarship Committee. All presented documents will be immediately returned following Committee review.

I am applying for a Financial Aid Grant, have read the above statement, and understand my family may be asked to submit certain financial documents to the Grant/Scholarship Committee in order to be awarded this type of grant.


Briefly explain in what ways alpine ski racing is a financial hardship for your family. In what ways has this limited you from fully participating in racing and training opportunities?

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