The TAS SkiAThon is Coming – March 15-31!

The TAS SkiAThon is a fun, multi-day fundraising event supporting Team Alpental Snoqualmie. Here’s how it works:

Each TAS athlete collects pledges from sponsors for an amount per-ski-run. Then, beginning March 15 athletes keep track of the number of ski-runs they make until the end of the fundraiser on March 31 (target is 50 ski runs per athlete). We’re tracking ski-runs completed using a Google Sheet:  2019 SkiAThon Ski Runs. Sponsor donations are collected based on the number of runs completed (donations of flat amounts are also accepted). Fabulous prizes will be awarded for top fundraisers (more on that soon)!

There’s more information on the SkiAThon at and the 2019 SkiAThon site is here

Next steps:
You’ll be receiving an email from 99Pledges with details about signing up. You’ll use this site to access your athlete’s fund-raising page and to ask for sponsors. Follow instructions there and start getting sponsors!

Feel free to email us at with questions. 

Thanks for helping us make this mid-season fundraising event asensational success – Ski fast! Have Fun!