TAS Ski-A-Thon Feb 16 – Feb 25


The TAS Ski-A-Thon is a multi-day fundraising event for Team Alpental Snoqualmie. TAS athletes will be seeking sponsors for pledges per ski run they complete between the dates of Feb 16 – Feb 25, with a per athlete goal of 50 ski runs. Athletes are asked to keep track of their ski runs and update the team spreadsheet with their runs after each day.

ENTER ATHLETE SKI RUNS HERE: https://bit.ly/TASSki-A-ThonSkiRuns

To run the TAS Ski-A-Thon, we will be using an online system called 99Pledges. You will receive an email from 99Pledges with your athlete’s specific TAS Ski-A-Thon donation landing page. If you don’t receive a link, you can search and find your athlete’s specific page here: https://99pledges.com/fund/tasskiathon2018 

This is where the fun begins! You can share your athlete’s specific donation landing page link with anyone you and your athlete think would like to sponsor her/him for the Ski-A-Thon. Get creative and make a quick athlete video to send with the link. Post on social media! Think family, friends, work colleagues, fellow ski, and ski racing enthusiasts, etc. This is also a perfect time to reach out to your local businesses to ‘Sponsor’ your athlete, too! ** See ‘Ideas to Increase Your Pledges and Donations’ section below!**

Pledges per ski run as well as flat donations can be made on the site securely via credit card. Cash and check donations are also accepted, and can be mailed to:

TAS Ski Team – Ski-A-Thon for [ATHLETE NAME]

PO Box 85193

Seattle, WA 98145

If collecting cash and/or check, please note the sponsor information and donation amount on this Google document so we can attribute it to your athlete and thank the correct sponsor.

ENTER CASH/CHECK DONATIONS HERE: https://bit.ly/TASSki-A-ThonCashChecks

We’ll keep a daily tally throughout the TAS Ski-A-Thon and report to the team how we’re doing. There are cool prizes for the Top 10 highest pledges/donations collected. TAS athletes who collect pledges and/or donations totaling $150 will receive a special thank you gift from TAS.

99Pledges Information

TAS is using 99Pledges online fundraising system for our Spring Ski-A-Thon so you and your athlete are able to reach out to friends and family electronically by email, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) instead of going door-to-door, tracking commitments and handling cash and checks. Additionally, donors can make a contribution to support your athlete with a simple and secure online transaction.

The TAS Ski-A-Thon pledges and donations will be collected through our personalized webpage at 99Pledges. Parents will receive an email from 99Pledges with a link to your athlete’s specific pledge page. Simply share your athlete’s specific pledge page link to collect per ski run pledges or flat donations. If you don’t receive a link, you can search and find your athlete’s specific page here:


Please feel free to reach out to 99Pledges directly at support@99pledges.com, if you have any questions.

**Ideas to Increase Your Pledges and Donations!**

1) Share, share, share! Share your athlete’s pledge page link with friends and family via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or whatever means you feel are effective. This Ski-A-Thon goes for 3 weeks, so sharing three times over the course of the Ski-A-Thon is a great idea to keep your potential sponsors updated and enthusiastic about supporting your athlete’s fundraising efforts.

2) Include a personal message each time (see samples below) to let your sponsors know their generous donations are going to support a great cause.

3) Include a picture and/or a video of your athlete showing them getting geared up or doing ski runs for the Ski-A-Thon. Get creative and have fun. The more creative you get, the more pledges and donations you’ll see come in.

4) After each pledge or donation, publicly thank your athlete sponsor for their support (see sample below).

Sample personal message text/visuals:

Message 1: [Name] is gearing up to participate in his/her ski team Ski-A-Thon and would love your sponsorship to meet his/her fundraising goal! A significant part of the Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) philosophy and success is their ability to keep ski racing as accessible and affordable as possible. Consider being an alpine ski racing sponsor by pledging per ski run that [Name] completes by April 23rd, or making a flat donation. Pledges and donations can be made online here: <<Insert Your Athlete Pledge Page URL Link>>

Message 1 picture or video idea: Waxing skis, gear loaded on back and walking up to ski area, loading car with gear, etc.

Message 2: Now’s your chance to sponsor [Name] and help her/him reach their alpine ski racing goals. Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) provides opportunities for athletes to develop racing skills alongside life skills, both of which are fundamental to the growth of a well-rounded, maturing athlete. [Name] already has [Enter Ski Runs to-date] ski runs logged and is aiming for 50 runs by April 23rd. Help [Name] with a sponsorship via ski run pledge or flat donation here: <<Insert Your Athlete Pledge Page URL Link>>

Message 2 picture or video idea: Athlete skiing down run, skiing onto chair, time-lapse video of a few athlete ski runs, etc.

Message 3: Only a few days left to help sponsor [Name] in her/his Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) Ski-A-Thon! She/He has already logged in [Enter Ski Run to-date] and is aiming for 50 by April 23rd. Last day to sponsor [Name] is April 23rd. <<Insert Your Athlete Pledge Page URL Link>>

Message 3 picture or video idea: Athlete holding sign with # of ski runs logged, video of athlete telling why she/he loves ski racing, etc.

Thank You Message: Thank you to [Insert Sponsor Name] for your pledge/donation to [Athlete Name] as she/he skis her/his heart out for Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS) in our Spring Ski-A-Thon. Your support to TAS will help off-set tuition program expenses, as well as fund athlete grant and scholarship programs to increase the accessibility and affordability of alpine ski racing. If you’d like to help, consider sponsoring [Athlete Name] with a ski run pledge or flat donation at <<Insert Your Athlete Pledge Page URL Link>>

Thank You Message picture or video idea: Athlete holding thank you sign, athlete saying thank you in a video, etc.