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I found a program that I think your daughters will love! But be forewarned…this is not your typical girls’ program. It’s called ZGiRLS and it’s a mentorship program started by Olympic and NCAA athletes, that teaches girls the tools they need to build mental resilience and confidence to thrive in sports, life, and beyond.

Our daughters meet with one of their amazing Mentors, who is a former female athlete, twice per month for three months (so 6 meetings!). Over the course of the three-month season, the girls learn sport psychology-based concepts to strengthen her mental game and build her self-confidence. Wait, what is ZGiRLS?

Okay, so what do I need to know?
Minimum girls for Circle: 5+
3-month program: January to March
Bi-monthly 1-hour meetings with their Trained & Certified Mentor
Every girl gets her own ZGiRLS Curriculum™ Book! 🙂 They’ll work through Level-1 this season!

I love this! How do we start a Circle? (DEADLINE IS Dec. 31st)

1. Click here to be directed to our TeamSnap Registration page


2. Enter our Circle Name “WA136” when registering. (If for some reason, there are not enough girls to make the Circle happen they’ll give us a full refund)

Because sometimes a phone call is way easier than reading, call ZGiRLS Program Outreach Manager, Monique Thees at 360.770.6862  with your questions. 🙂