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2024 U14 QUALIFIER #3


SG Training / 3 SG Races

Mission Ridge, WA

(U14 only allowed to enter)


Race Announcement

Registration:  Closes March 6, 11:59pm Registrations received after March 3 incur $25 late fee  Coaches must register to receive a lift ticket.

⇒Entry Fee:  $29 Training Run, $58 per Race

⇒Team Captains Meeting:  See links in the schedule

⇒Technical Delegate:  Malcolm Ash

⇒Lift Tickets:  $50 + tax   Elite Pass Honored

Tickets MUST be purchased online in advance here: Mission Ridge Shop
Mission Ridge has a new ticketing system and the purchase process has
changed from previous seasons. Here are the steps:
1. Before March 8: go to above link and purchase your ticket. You will create an account, upload a photo and sign the online waiver. This will include the purchase of an RFID card that can be re-loaded for future tickets (not just this season). Replacement cards are $5. We do not recommend trying to purchase online tickets in the parking lot as reception is not reliable. Tickets purchased at the ticket window will dramatically increase wait times – please pre-purchase.
2. On March 8 or 10 go to the ticket window and pick up your pre-paid pass. Do not discard it – this ticket/card will work for future visits.
⇒PNW Elite Passes will be honored. You must create an account and upload your Elite pass prior to the day of the race for your pass to scan good at the lift. Waiting to show the pass at the window will slow the process down. Create an account and upload your Elite pass here: Mission Ridge Shop


Volunteer Link



March 7:  7pm Team Captains Meeting via Zoom ♦Link
March 8:  Women 1 SG Training Run, 1 SG Race (2 runs total)
March 9:  Women 2 SG Races
March 9:  6pm Team Captains Meeting via Zoom Link to be provided by WhatsApp
March 10:  Men 1 SG Training Run, 1 SG Race (2 runs total)
March 11:  Men 2 SG Races